We are at a crossroads

It’s wheel out the cliche time. We are truly at a crossroads in our season. in 10th spot with 34 points on the board by early March – 15 more than at the same point last year – we could be challenging for a European spot…or fending off relegation again.

As ludicrous as it might sound, we are only six points away from the bottom three. That’s just two wins. Not a lot, eh? If we lose at the Reebok on Saturday we will fall out of the top 10 and with Manchester United in town again the following week it looks like points will be pretty hard to come by.

We have also got to play Liverpool at home and Chelsea away. Do we really want to be going to the Bridge desperately needing the points? I hope to hell we’re not in that position but cracks are certainly starting to appear.

What I found even more dissappointing about last night’s result was the fact that Blackburn could have had three or four more had it not been for the oustanding Schwarzer. A stable, settled team has worked well this year but when someone’s missing – ie Hughes last night – our lack of depth is emphasised.

We have had a great season so far but our fortunes could be decided on whether Roy has enough fit and able bodies to cope with the final two months.


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