Fulham v Man.Utd: Give us your opinions

The quarter final tie against Man Utd is just over 24 hours away as I write this blog, so what do you think is going to happen? Please let us know via our online poll…


Hats off to kind Chelsea

This blog is becoming too nice to other clubs – and now even Chelsea are getting praise. Just what the hell is going on?

Regular readers may remember that Arsenal were very kind in responding to my request for a letter of good wishes to a neighbour going into hospital for a heart op.

This week I got in touch with Chelsea as a six-year-old boy we know – a fan of our friends down the road – is about to have a tumour removed from inside his ear.

Not only did they send him a pack of information which included magazines, pens, paper, etc, but a personally written letter of best wishes and signed photographs of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole and Michael Ballack, each of which had written messages to the young lad concerned.

Needless to say I was very, very impressed with their response. At a time when we are all too quick to criticise clubs and players for being greedy mercenaries Рme included, I hasten to add Рthis truly restores some faith in the good of sport.

Roy Hodgson’s success

I think it’s time for a little perspective. Of course the manner in which we lost on Wednesday night was disappointing. No-one likes to concede all three points in the dying seconds of a match, but we have certainly been on the right side of such events a number of times over the past year. Remember Man City away?

More importantly, however, we ought to reflect on how our current position compares with last year’s plight. At the same point in the 2007/08 season we had played a game more, yet were sitting in 19th place with a miserly 19 points on the board.

Of our 15 home games we had emerged victorious in just three – compared to the eight wins we have notched up in 13 this term. Even taking the defeat to Hull into account, this is still the 4th best home record in the league which is no mean feat.

Our defensive record has also been heaps better. We have conceded 23 times this year – 10 at home; 13 away – compared to the eye-popping 48 we had let in at the same point last season. For those interested, 26 were at home and 22 were away.

The only slightly¬† disappointing aspect is the number of goals scored…or lack of them. We have actually bagged one less this time around – 25 compared to 24. Although we have bagged three more at the Cottage we have only netted three times on our travels – down from seven.

The conclusions are clear. If we can find the net on a more regular basis then Premier League survival, and even a decent top half of the table finish, is ours for the taking. Over to you Bobby, Andy, & Co.