Fulham to overhaul online ticket system

Some good news! Fulham will be overhauling the online ticket system which has clearly caused plenty of problems for the club and fans in recent weeks – as highlighted by the difficulties experienced in securing seats for both the league and cup matches against Man Utd.

One particular aspect they will be looking at is the bizarre in-built problem that bars supporters from buying tickets where one or three seats alongside will remain empty. This has meant some fans not being able to secure their season ticket seats for cup games.

ADD: A few people on the messageboard have questioned this post saying it wasn’t sourced. Fair enough, of course, but just to let you know this came from the club itself (below) in a reply to my query about the inability to book particular seats:

I’m afraid this feature is hardwired into the online booking system. It is something we will address when we overhaul the system in the close season.


One Response

  1. This news was also related to me when i called into the ticket office for my cup tickets, like many others i wasn`t happy with not being afforded the chance to purchase my own seaon ticket seat.
    I`m sure we can assume this upgrade will now take place and not before time..
    Not being offered your own seat is just not on.

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