Hodgson faces sternest test

Hands up who had heard of Brede Hangeland before Roy brought him into the side. Anyone? Our Norwegian giant was a virtual unknown and now look at him. The thought of facing any team without him marshalling the back four makes me sick to my stomach.

The point is this: We need to have faith in Roy. He steered us to safety after the diabolical Sanchez reign and has put together a side which has already drawn with Liverpool and Chelsea, and taken all three points at home to Arsenal.

Now, he has taken a risk in letting Bullard and Leon Andreason go – and I am certainly not convinced that Dickson Etuhu is the answer to our prayers in midfield – but Roy deserves the chance to make such decisions.

The next few games are crucial to our season, no-one can deny that. String a couple of wins together and we will find ourselves up into the top 10; suffer a couple of defeats and we run the risk of being dragged into a relegation dogfight…again.

Keep the faith everyone.


West Ham to beat Hull…please

Am I alone in wanting the Hammers to take Bullard’s new team apart tonight? Sour grapes? You bet – a whole bunch of them

No disrespect meant to Hull by this – but a whole barrel-load of disrespect to JB..

Fulham’s five year away record

So we lost away to Sunderland last night. No surprise there. As our chart below shows, we have been very generous to our hosts almost everywhere we’ve gone. In fact, we have only won 11 away league games in the past five years!

The full breakdown of our 12 most recent victories, which stretch back to October 2003, is detailed below. Three of them have been under Roy Hodgson, with the remainder having been achieved during Chris Coleman’s time at the helm, including that momentous day at Old Trafford.

Portsmouth (0-1)  11/5/2008
Man City (2-3) 26/4/2008
Reading (0-2) 12/4/2008
Newcastle (1-2) 9/9/06
Man City (1-2) 29/4/2006
Blackburn (1-3) 7/5/2005
Birmingham (1-2) 22/1/2005
Norwich (0-1) 4/12/2004
Newcastle (1-4) 7/11/2004
Bolton (0-2) 15/5/2004
Leicester (0-2) 10/4/2004
Man Utd (1-3) 25/10/2003

Jimmy Bullard in quotes

Here are a selection of quotes attributed to Jimmy Bullard showing how he changes like the wind. Good luck Hull!

May 2006 – on joining Fulham
I felt that the time was right for me to make a move again, and to be able to be close to my family was really important to me.

July 2007 – as he recuperates after knee surgery
I can’t wait to get back out on the pitch and thank the fans for all their support in the best way possible – by putting in some good performances.

May 2008 – after Fulham win away at Pompey
It means everything to be playing Premier League football with this club next season – they’ve been fantastic to me. All throughout my injury they never put any presure on me and I owe them a lot.

For me personally, I’ve been injured and I owe the club a lot. They stuck behind me, never rushed me and just said: ‘when you’re back, you’re back’. They’ve been absolutely awesome and I’m just so happy that I’ve been a part of keeping Fulham up in the Premier League. It makes it all worthwhile after all the hard graft coming back.

August 2008 – Tub thumping early season
I love Fulham Football Club and I want to stay and play for Fulham.

January 2009 – on joining Hull
I’m so happy to be here. After meeting Phil Brown, the gaffer, I knew after 10 minutes I wanted to sign here. The ambitions of the club and the ambitions of the chairman – it was the right place to be and I’m just happy to be here.

Click here for our view of Bullard’s departure

Bullard: Dispelling the myth

There is a lot to love about Jimmy Bullard. His infectious enthusiasm for the game, his non-stop running during matches; his ability to deliver a master stroke just when it’s needed most; and the smile that’s permanently etched onto his face.

However, he has also inspired more fiction to be written than Robin Hood. Read most articles about the shaggy-haired Londoner and the picture will be painted of someone who plays simply for the love of the game; a throwback to a simpler time.

It wouldn’t matter to him if he was paid 20 quid and his bus fare home. Oh no, just as long as our Jim can kick a football about with his mates he’ll be happy. The fact that he can actually make a living from the sport is just a bonus.

Well, surely his actions over the past few days dispel that particular myth – despite his desperate attempts to heap the blame for his £5m transfer to Hull at the door of Roy Hodgson and the club that refused to give him a new contract.

Yes, this was the very same club that nursed him back to health during the 15-months he was out with cruciate ligament damage to his knee. The club that – by his own admission – were “absolutely awesome” – and didn’t rush him back into action.

Despite the fact he has only played 40 times for Fulham since joining in April 2006 and still had 18 months left to run on his existing contract, Bullard felt that the fact he was actually back playing, and had warmed the bench a couple of times for England, meant he had the right to revisit the terms of the agreement.

Why on earth should the club talk about a new contract? He hasn’t come anywhere near repaying them for sticking by him during his injury crisis and helping to fund both his fishing success and the lowering of his golf handicap.

Maybe if he’d stayed put and helped steer Fulham to a European slot at the end of this season he would have been in a better position to open negotiations. But no, Jimmy ‘big time’ Bullard didn’t feel loved so he packed his bags and headed north.

“I want to play for a club that wants me, simple as that,” he was quoted as saying on the weekend. “I’ve never been interested in money.”

Hmm. Not sure about that one.

When he joined us from Wigan, Paul Jewell – then the Latics’ boss, said: “If we had decided to match Fulham’s offer then maybe we would have kept hold of him but I didn’t want to be held to ransom. That would be extremely unhealthy.”

Warning bells should have sounded then.

Now he has gone for a reported £45,000-a-week. Yes folks, that’s around twice the annual salary for a man in Britain.

Bullard may like to present himself as the ordinary guy getting to live the dream of the blokes in the stands, but he’s proved himself to be no better than the rest of the Premier League’s money grabbing mercenaries that kiss their badges one minute, and whore themselves out to the highest bidder the next.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am disappointed. For three wonderful years I bought into the Bullard legend, only to find that the story failed to stand up to scrutiny. What a shame. 

Bullard signs for Hull

Roy has confirmed it on SSN – Bullard has left for Hull. Thanks for all your efforts Jimmy – it’s just a shame to see you are no different to the rest of the money-grabbing mercenaries in the Premier League.

Is Bullard going to Hull? Have your say