Postcard from Newquay

Well, at least we didn’t make Hull wait long for their first Premiership points, eh? You don’t need me to tell you what a shocking result it is to lose to a newly promoted team on the first day of the season but at least the only way is up (surely?). Apologies for the lack of updates but I have been on holiday for the past fortnight and, thanks to Setanta’s late kick-off, I won’t be at this evening’s game against the Gunners…ggrrrrrr….

This week we have waved a permanent good-bye to David Healy – which I think is a big mistake – who joins Sunderland, and a ‘see ya later’ to Eddie Johnson who joins Cardiff City on loan. To echo the comments made by Rich on CCN this leaves us desperately short of strikers. We’ve only got Bobby Zamora, a not-yet-fit Andy Johnson, a potentially rejuvenated Seol, super-sub Erik Nevland, an injured Joe Kamara and…Collins John.

With just a week left before the transfer window closes let’s hope that Roy has something up his sleeve.


Interview: Hull City v Fulham preview

We caught up with Andy Dalton of the Hull City website Amber Nectar ( ahead of our visit to East Yorkshire. Our grateful thanks to Andy for his time.


Q. Many congratulations on promotion. How does it feel to be in the Premier League?

A. Surreal – after 104 years of waiting for top flight football, we’re still struggling to take it all in


Q. What are your hopes for the season?

A. Realistically, 17th is about the best we can do. It’s going to be a long hard season, but we wouldn’t swap it for the world and we’re quietly confident we can cause a few upsets.


Q. In what position do you expect to end the season?

A. Anywhere between 17th-20th!


Q.Which of your players should we be looking out for?

A. Michael Turner, our rock-solid centre-half, who’s been a revelation since signing from Brentford and looks to have the class to step up


Q. Are there any areas of the team you need to strengthen?

A. We’ve strengthened the team about as well as we could have hoped for in all areas except up front, where we look short of goals


Q. Who are your fiercest rivals?

A. We don’t have another Premier League club within 80 miles, so we’re a bit lonely here in East Yorkshire…


Q. What do you make of Phil Brown?

A. His first season saw us escape seemingly certain relegation, his second took us to the top flight. He’s okay…


Q. Which match this season are you most looking forward to and why?

A. The predictable Old Trafford/Anfield aside, it’s been 44 years since a trip to Goodison Park, meaning ground-tickers are eagerly awaiting this one


Q. Tell us something about Hull City FC that we didn’t know?

A. We’re the largest city in England never to play in the top-flight. Oh wait….we’ll have to get a new one now.


Q. Who are the club’s all-time heros?

A. Dean Windass, Wembley goalscorer in May and lifelong City fan, is certainly up there. Honourable mentions for Raich Carter, Chris Chilton, Billy Bly, Justin Whittle, Ken Wagstaff and Ken Houghton.


Q. Can you tell us some of Hull’s chants?

A. “No silverware, we don’t care, we’ll follow Hull City, everywhere” taps into the sense of defiance that comes with supporting one of English football’s greatest underachievers


Q. Any advice for Fulham fans coming up for the first game of the season?

A. We’ve already heard the ones about floods, fishing and being dirty northern bastards, ta…


Q. What should we be expecting?

A. To be remembered forever as our first ever top flight opponents


Q. Early season predictions…who do you think will win the league – and who will be relegated?

A. Chelsea will win it; Stoke and Bolton will be relegated, while City, Fulham and West Brom could all be involved at the bottom.




Andy Johnson…and the medical

So it looks as if our purchase of the bald hit-man is in doubt after a hitherto undiscussed old knee injury surfaced during his medical. Well, that is a surprise! John Carew anyone? Marlon King? Our medicals are more thorough than an autopsy. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but we really don’t want to let Johnson slip through our fingers, do we?