FtF getting a makeover

We’re just looking to give the site a bit of a makeover in time for next season so posts will be a bit sporadic over the next week or two. Any ideas, comments, suggestions or general abuse, feel free to leave it here!


Fulham to build statue of Johnny Haynes

Great news! For those who haven’t heard, the club have announced that planning permission for a statue of the Maestro has been obtained and a fund raising campaign will apparently soon be launched. It has taken a ridiculously long time but at least we appear to be moving in the right direction. Just a shame it didn’t happen 10 (at least) years ago.

Frank Lampard: Pretty in Pink

Next time Frank starts snogging his badge in front of the Hammersmith End just think about this image of him on holiday – complete with matching salmon shirt and shorts…and his other half’s handbag. Nice!

The bravest man alive

Not Fulham related I’m afraid but if you haven’t come across this guy already I urge you to visit his blog. Adrian Sudbury is a young guy from Huddersfield who is battling two forms of leukaemia and the prognosis is not good. His blog and campaign for more people to become involved in Bone Marrow donation is inspirational stuff. I defy anyone to read his posts without being moved to tears. Next time we get so upset about a football match it will be worth sparing a thought for him.

Fulham season tickets selling fast

Good news from the Fulham ticket office this morning. They have had so many season ticket renewals and applications that there is currently a five day back log! Apparently, there are already around 600 new applications which is obviously superb.

Jimmy Bullard NOT player of the season

I fear that Jimmy Bullard will ride to the player of the season award on the crest of a wave of public adoration but that would be wrong. Yes he is fantastically important to us and Yes he’s been an inspirational figure since his return from injury but it would be an injustice to give him this honour. Why? I hear you yell. Well, for one simple reason: Simon Davies. Unquestionably our Welsh wonder has been our most consistent player, has turned in top drawer performances in the vast majority of almost 40 appearances, and has both scored and made crucial goals. While I appreciate that this is a free country I impore you to log-on to Fulham’s official website and give him the credit he so richly deserves.